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    Ok… so I’ve been using the Google Analyticator Plugin and I add clients into my Google Analytics in their own accounts. Which seems to work fine and I can monitor all of my client’s analytics and help them track their sites and have the handy dashboard in WordPress… BUT… in the settings for the plugin, under Google Analytics Account, in the dropdown, it lists all the accounts in my Google Analytics as options to choose from… which means they can change the tracking widget to show tracking from any site I have done.

    Obviously, this is not a desired way to do it. So what I’m looking for is either a way to stop the plugin from letting them choose just any account to show data for or advice on a better plugin or better way to handle analytics in general.


    I think you can create different users for each Analytics account that have varying permissions. You could create one for each client and use that for them to view with.


    I know that works as far as viewing the analytics at the actual Google analytics site… but the Google analyticator plugin authenticates with Google through my Google account to be able to show the stats on the WordPress Dashboard. The authentication step is optional, but the stats widget won’t show on the Dashboard if I don’t do that step.

    So if anyone knows of another plugin that doesn’t do that authentication step and still shows stats on the Dashboard, I’d be open to that too.


    you could bypass the plugin and paste the normal code into the footer.php file just before < / body>


    That doesn’t put the widget in the WordPress dashboard though… that’s the whole reason I use that plugin. Here’s the screenshots from the plugin so you know what I mean:


    Could you authenticate with Google using the Client’s Google Account instead?

    There is another plugin that gives you dashboard analytics:

    Not sure if it would solve your problem but it is at least another option.



    Yes this must also mean that you have given that plugin permission to grab all your data from your entire Google Analytics using the API key etc.

    There is a way to sort this, I can do it, but it will cost you.



    @joslex – Not all clients have a Google Account of their own, I could sign them up for one I guess and use that. I was just hoping to avoid that if possible. It looks like that other dashboard analytics hooks into the Google API key as well, so it would most likely have the same problem, but I will check it out.

    – I’ll keep that in mind, but really, I’m looking for something that I can implement on every site I do, and it’s something I do for my clients for free since it’s a quick thing to do. Kind of a value-added service. If I can’t find another solution, I may get back in touch.


    That’s precisely why I liked putting Google Analytics in their WordPress Dashboard. They see it when they go in to manage their site and it’s a condensed version of what is on the full Analytics site. So they really just get an idea of their site traffic and what pages are getting viewed most and new visitors.

    And I liked just adding an account in my Analytics account for them so they don’t have all that mess to have to deal with either and I don’t have a whole other set of logins to manage. I just need to make sure they don’t see every other account in my account in the options for the dashboard.

    I just really really need that drop-down in the settings menu to not be a drop-down and stay a text field that has the Analytics key in it.


    @ChristinaHooper: Ideally, you should have users with their own access to GA. You make that part of the deal. If they want quick instant access to GA, they have to let you know a Google Account. It doesn’t HAVE to be gmail.

    Otherwise, they can get monthly reports emailed to whatever address they’re using.


    Try for an alternative way to share analytics with clients. Supports Facebook and Twitter also. Here is a demo:


    I agree with bluemeansgo.

    > @ChristinaHooper: Ideally, you should have users with their own access to GA. You make that part of the deal. If they want quick instant access to GA, they have to let you know a Google Account. It doesn’t HAVE to be gmail.


    I agree with the most of the views express so far, however this is what I would do

    1) setup a separate Google Analytic account for the client
    2) you managed the account clients never really do a good job of this
    3) Don’t use a plugin directly place the code on the website yourself


    Just set up the plugin then remove the select account option from the plugin files…

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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