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    Currently creating my redesign mockup and got to the point of trying different buttons for sharing content. I wanted to check out the api’s for the +1 button, twitter and facebook. I checked the api for +1 first and couldn’t seem to find what I wanted.

    I researched and it seems some are stating you can’t use your own image for the Google +1 button?

    Basically what I wanted to create is something to this effect for my buttons

    Is there another solution to what I’m trying to accomplish?



    Received an answer elsewhere that apparently you can’t do this. However, you can retrieve the number count.



    I’m sure Google will build an API soon as Google+1 is still in BETA



    They already have an api for +1. You can’t do it with facebook either without a “css hack” and it seems that Google doesn’t want their button altered for the fact that it looks the same on every website. Also, it eliminates the issue for people to be misleading and malicious by using their own button.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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