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    Any feedback about this page would be appreciated.


    This site is well done. You should be proud of yourself if you are the webmaster of this site. Easy on the eyes. Links all work. You might want to add a link to the webmaster on the bottom of the home page.


    Hard to complain about something that’s free.

    By way of feedback, my biggest note would be the red background. Something lighter like an off-white or light blue might look better and cleaner, particularly for a health-related website. The dark red is a bit ominous, especially on the services page with all the eyeballs.


    Red is almost always a no-no color

    , I would agree with not using this color for a bank but in general I think that is completely naive to think that way. I believe a lot of that stems from old marketing research. Technology and design have come along way. Naomi Atkinson has a really great website using the color red.


    Checked the site before reading comments, and I was thinking the exact same thing everyone has already said. Lighter red or personally would go with a light blue, maybe even transparent by.. 0.6? Also, instead of a black top gradient, I would try out white to see how it looks. I’d only use black on select things, mainly font due to easier reading. It isnt a grunge website, so Id stick with a lighter pallet verse darker. Otherwise not to bad, I really enjoy the shadow on the image.

    Also, the header at top, mainly the logo, the glow is cut off at the top. You should either move it down a tad or fix it somehow, maybe even have the drop shadow on the image white if you do plan on sticking with the darker colors.


    Thank you all for your input. I’m happily surprise at the response in a way, and in another not so much. I agree the color red is not the best, and unfortunately is one of those things that the client requested because someone else use that color on a template on a 2003 site for her, sucks when they try to play designer, but oh well.
    Also I’m very happy that the color is the only main issue and not so much the layout of the actual site or how it works.
    Overall the client is extremely happy, I guess the sooner we understand that designing for the web is not what it used to be even a year ago, and that don’t get married to the design is actually a very liberating thing :)

    Thank you all !


    I agree with all of these comments. The color seems to be the only real quirk in the site. Great job! Free, huh? Not many people do that anymore. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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