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    I design wrestling belts and make websites about them.

    This latest design is about the belts from the Glory Days of wrestling. A lot of old title belts are hard to find and only a select few people know who owns them and where they are. For this design I tried to envision the site was like a cork board owned by one of these belt experts. He uses it to post leads and rare photos of old and forgotten belts held by some of the legends of wrestling like Ric Flair and Lou Thesz.

    Anyways here is the link please inform me of my design and what needs to be changed. I feel it is missing something. Please someone help me with this site.

    I want to be a good designer but the more I look at this site the more I am not like it.


    Ive always wanted to design a website like this, based on a noticeboard, and you have implemented it well. A few suggestions would be to update the header, it is a little complex. The handwritten text below the rss button doesnt make sense to me. also, maybe change the navigation ( Home Contact Us Search) into an image, it looks a bit plain.
    apart from that it looks like a good design, i like the engraved footer text especially.


    Actually here is a mockup i did to see how the site would layout. I purchased the cork board specifically for the project.



    I’ve always wanted to create a cork board themed website too, so it’s nice to see someone actually realizing it. The mock up was a brilliant idea, especially to get the layout and other ideas. Reminds me of when I’m using three different coloured pens to draw the div-layouts before I even start with the markup/CSS. (It’s nice to use grid-lined paper for pre-CSS work.)

    The top navigational links wasn’t quite good. They seemed somewhat awkward or just text-ish, not anything I’d click on at first. Maybe you’d make them stand out more, or add a navigational arrow (like, a hand-drawn arrow pointing towards right)? I’d really like to see that.

    How about some room for text-size adjustments? What happens if you alter the text-size in IE7 (not using ctrl+scroll) to largest? Does the post’s title drop out of the title-box?


    Yeah I need to fix the menu at the top. Doesnt look right or stand out enough.

    I don’t have any text long enough to pop out of the post labels yet when text size it set to largest in IE7, but it does mess up the Featured posts in the left post-it. What can I do about that?


    Since the post-its is not liquid in width, you could set a fixed height too and use overflow: hidden;. Still, I’d much prefer it if you’d combine the two post-its on top so you’d have a larger (wider) field to use for text. What did you plan to use the one on the right for?


    The one on the right should be displaying an ad. If not let me know. Maybe something wrong.


    My bad, I’m using AdBlock Plus to block all ads. I almost can’t surf the web without it, since it’s (the internet) gotten too much crowded with ads…

    Well, then you’re stuck with a fixed height and overflow: hidden;? I can’t think of any other option as of now…but I’m tired and require sleep to function (and additional pylons).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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