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    Hi! I am new to web design. I finished classes at the end of 2012. I posted a question a few weeks ago. But I got sick and could not follow up. I see that it has been marked as solved- SO, I am posting again.

    I am in the process of putting a site together and I am finding that my javascripts will not play nice with one another. I want to add too many jquery scripts and they conflict.

    Here is what I am using: ParallaxContentSlider ( The Facebook Wall ( And the Sticky Bar Footer ( — AND the person who I am working with would like me to add another slideshow!!

    Now, I have the parallax slider in place and working. When I add the footer, it just does not work. When I add the facebook wall, the information in the parallax slider disappears. (my facebook wall and footer are not styled, yet)

    What do I do??? Any help you can offer would be a BIG HELP! Thanks.

    Now, since then….. I followed advice to put all the scripts at the bottom of the page and limit my calls for jquery to one.
    I did this and the page is looking rough- and none of the scripts are working.

    Is it salvageable? Is there a way to get it to work?



    I think I have fixed that issue… by closing the tag.

    All the scripts are down at the end of the page before the tag.


    Okay. I tried to do what you said. I am not sure if I moved too many of the scripts. But, I took what appeared to be the templates and placed them at the correct div.
    What next?


    I have not tested but try these
    1. try to use only one jquery library
    2. remove other jquery and see if individual works or not
    3. if they works fine
    4. try to put two jqueries together and see if they works or not,if they works then fine if not…they are conflicted
    5. here is way to remove conflict


    last thing dont forget to put jquery library at the top of all js files in your case put

    at top


    thank you for all your help. I guess I just need more training before I attempt a project like this. I am just really confused with all of this.

    On top of that, I have all these files that I have tried with the page that are still lingering in attachment (even though I have removed the link from the page).

    At least when I started it had one working element.

    Any good tutorials out there on making more than one jquery work on a page???

    I am so LOST it is not funny— and kinda sad.

    When I , first, put the page together, it went smooth and looked great— until I tried to add the last two features. then I took things out of place and tried what I was told…. and I cant get one thing to work and NOW I have no clue what I am doing.

    Super frustrated.


    try upload the file and disturbed it may be someone can help includeing me


    the file is uploaded and posted at
    If you can help– that would be GREAT.


    Are you familiar with Chrome’s Developer Tools? Or Firebug? I think these would help you a lot. Your jQuery scripts broke because jQuery isn’t defined. You’re loading your scripts in the wrong order. You have to load jQuery before you load any of the plugins it depends on. If you’re calling jQuery functions in the body of your page, make sure jQuery is loaded before you call those functions. Move

    to the top of the page, or move all your other script calls after your jQuery call. Also check out [this snippet]( “This Snippet”) for a really good idea to make sure your page doesn’t break if your CDN fails. If your’re concerned about page load speed, you could also load your scripts asynchronously via something like Yepnope (included with modernizr), but I don’t really think that’s necessary at this stage.


    … my code snippet broke, I was saying that you should move your reference to the jQuery CDN to the top of the page.


    thanks, I will try that….


    Okay, I attempted to do what you suggested. I added the code snippet to the head of the page. But it is all not working. when I load I (now ) get 7 errors or things that are not loading. I am not sure what is going on.


    So, how will I get my slides on the Parallax Slider to show again. Before I added the sticky bar and the facewall. My slides showed fine.

    Do you think this will ever work…. or should I find another way to create my footer and facebook call?



    Can I ask…?

    I want to forewarn you that I can be a bit anal-retentive when it comes to detail, but I would like to know more about your development process for this website.

    Also, please bare with me all if you have already answered to anything that I am about to ask or state, as I am going purely off of scribbleart’s original post. No I have not read in detail any responses, simply because it seems that this is an open issue and has yet to be resolved.

    Personally, I believe that more details need to be provided to not only help with the current issue, but as scribbleart has expressed, the client is going to want future work, as for now an additional slideshow. When a person is scrambling on what to do in the future, when they are already presented with a problem, this causes me to ‘want to know more’ about the entire process.

    So, with that said…

    Scribbleart, my first concern is what languages are you developing in?

    Client-Side: HTML, CSS, jQuery (Obviously), anything else?

    Server-Side: ASP, .NET, JAVA, PHP, something else?

    You say that you are new to the industry….

    > “I am in the process of putting a site together and I am finding that my javascripts will not play nice with one another. I want to add too many jquery scripts and they conflict.”

    Are you using just jQuery, or do you have something else running as well, such as RAW JavaScript, MooTools, Prototype, etc? If so you need to ensure that you are using the no_conflict statement and make some slight modifications to the other’s identifiers… Also, a rule of thumb, don’t use more than one ‘js library’, find one that you work best with and stick with just that one. Another thing that you want to make sure of is that you are not using key identifiers more than once. This goes for the jQuery itself as well as the CSS Markup.

    You said

    > “Now, since then….. I followed advice to put all the scripts at the bottom of the page and limit my calls for jquery to one. I did this and the page is looking rough- and none of the scripts are working.”

    Why in the hell are you doing this? Always place your JavaScript in the <'head'> section! I know I may get alot of haters on this, but don’t do that. There are much better ways to reduce site/page load times and by doing this you can also end up with problems that you normally wouldn’t have. This is something that many people are conforming to, but just because that’s the case does not make it right! I also challenge anyone to show me evidence that this method actually does anything substantial for a website other than cause a headache and bad coding methods.

    If you want faster load times, please refer to Chris’s Tutorial on the subject, []( “Faster Load Times”)


    Thanks for your help.
    I have an art background and went back to get my web design credentials. My course work was not extensive in the areas of development. However, I did have a course on javascript – that covered jquery, ajax. In fact the course did not cover how to use more than one script on a page. I was taught how to put together a simple script and then… how to use developed scripts. SO, that is what I have done here. I found 3 scripts that worked for my needs and I attempted to add them to my page. (I sited the scripts that I used in the first post)

    Since my skill set is limited, I had tried to follow all the advice that I was given. So, I put all the scripts at the bottom of the page and moved things , took things out –as people suggested. I just don’t seem to be making much progress.

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