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    Hi all :)

    I’m a front-end designer/developer with several years experience. I’ve mostly worked in agencies and studios but I have done contract and freelance work in the past. Now that I can freelance again, I find that it’s actually not so easy to get networked with people who need websites. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to find decent freelance jobs or is it all purely through word of mouth?


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    I have a system, but it isn’t free :-(

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    @Schmotty: you mean you have a referral fee or something? :)

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    No. A few years ago I spent a few months working on building the SEO of a companies website and during the process I discovered a few things about search engines and how they work. So after I left that company I developed a little system to drive traffic to my own personal site. I never actually had the chance to fully implement it because I got hired full time before I finished, but the part I got put in place quickly brought enough work to pay my bills while I was unemployed. It only works (theoretically) for freelancers and perhaps small businesses. Basically the system uses the social networks, search engines, and web site to build up the name recognition and reputation of the ‘client’.

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    I use freelancers to handle overflow quite often, Karl Crowley on here does backend dev and server stuff for me. I’m on the hunt for a graphical wizard for web at the moment. Is that your bag?

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    @andy_unleash: My skillset’s in (X)HTML, CSS, JS, AS3, and PHP. I do some graphics creation (photoshop primarily – logos, icons, mockups) for UI elements in games and apps but I’m no artist.

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    @andy_unleash sent you a message

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    @Luminated: Sorry, what?

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    @theacefes Sorry, I was just dropping andy_unleash a note.

    I’ve also begun looking into more freelance work myself, this post helped me a lot at least get a general direction:

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    Ah got it! Thanks for the link! :)

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    Social networks are more great for finding freelance stuff
    At least once a week I see reTweets about people available for work

    Let people know you are available

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