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    I have a website under development that is an wordpress multisite. I have a problem with /blog url, i don’t know how to get rid of it!

    This i the link to my site;

    As u see, the blog category appears, i want home instead.

    Please help, it’s getting me crazy hehe..

    // Splendor


    Login and go to the admin panel.

    Then go to the ‘reading’ menu. Click the ‘permalink’ option. They will have a few choices for you or you can customize it.
    More help:


    I have already customize, but the /blog is still there, don’t get. Maybe it’s hardcoded?


    So i’m assuming your blog is in WordPress. And what you want to do is make the blog load as instead of

    Try the instructions here:

    Login to your blog.

    Go to the Administration > Settings > General panel.

    In the box for WordPress address (URI): change the address to the new location of

    your main WordPress core files.

    In the box for Site address (URL): change the address to the new location, which

    should match the WordPress (your public site) address (URI).

    Click Save Settings.

    (Do not try to open/view your blog now!)

    Move your WordPress core files to the new location. This includes the files found

    within the original directory, such as, and all the

    sub-directories, to the new location.

    If you are using Permalinks, go to the Administration > Settings > Permalinks panel

    and update your Permalink structure to your .htaccess file, which should be in the

    same directory as the main index.php file.

    Existing image/media links uploaded media will refer to the old folder and must be

    updated with the new location. You can do this with the Velvet Blues Update URLs

    plugin, or with a search and replace tool, or manually in your SQL database, by

    following the instructions at Tamba2's Tutorial "Moving your weblog inside your PC".

    You must also check and edit 'store uploads folder' under Settings > Media or all

    your new uploads will continue to go into the old folder.

    In some cases your permissions may have changed, depending on your ISP. Watch for

    any files with "0000" permissions and change them back to "0644".

    If your theme supports menus, links to your home page may still have the old

    subdirectory embedded in them. Go to Appearance::Menus and update them.

    Sometimes you would need to restart your server, otherwise your server may give out an error. (happens in MAMP software (Mac)).


    Holy banana, it seem a lot to do, i’ll check it out, thank you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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