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    I used this site to generation a favicon. It didn’t come out well off the picture so I redid with a different picture.

    At first I didn’t click to be able to re-cache and re-load it to the website. But ran the favicon generator a 2nd time and this time clicked option to re-cache (i.e. get the new one to reload.)

    It still isn’t reloading.

    This is the code I have from the site’s generator.

    Is there some line I can add or something I can do to tell the browser to reload the favicon with the new version? I’ve been loading the page with F5. I checked the online files and the cpanel has the right files.

    I have since removed the include file, so no icon shows so viewers won’t be caching the old one if that’s what’s happening.

    I’m stumpped.


    I suspect you’d need something to force the users broswer to clear any caching on their devices/PCs.

    I seem to recall there is a meta tag…something like:


    Thanks! That gives me something to research.

    Now that I look, I should have caching set to expire on the date I update the site’s pages, to make sure user’s are getting the updates. So it’s for more than favicons.

    Then looking up what to put in, is confusing as anything.

    I wish and don’t remotely understand why posters of tech blogs on the internet do not date their writings.

    So at this point, I am very unclear what the current working code is to add into the files, to force non-caching is. I need to do much more research, it looks like. Unless somewhere here knows?

    You’ve given me a great starting point — a clue what text I needed to search for to get somewhere!

    So far I’ve found: from May 2013
    Case study:
    lots of ideas:


    What’s the purpose of those query strings?


    I’m pretty sure that if you change those it’ll refresh as well. My approach has always been to just change the file path in any case because a simple CTRL+F5 never seemed to work.


    Those queries were added by this site’s favicon generator when I check off the no-caching option. It wasn’t refreshing before that (but I didn’t have the no-cache line in it yet). I have no idea what the queries are for but put them in because the generator created them.

    So moving the favicon into a new path, causes all browsers to reload it? That’d be an easy wonderful fix. Is that what you are saying?

    I’d still need to know how to cause re-loading of any file, so there are so other files, I’d want to be sure reloaded when I made major content changes to them.



    So moving the favicon into a new path, causes all browsers to reload it? That’d be an easy wonderful fix. Is that what you are saying?

    If they’re served an uncached version of the HTML, my experience is that it is indeed the case.

    My suspicion is it’s exactly what that query string is for. Also at the lack of seeing another reason.


    Well a lot has happened today.

    I found a way to disappear the favicon accidentally that says something… but what?

    I had a file included that had a bunch of links to various sizes, like you see above. It was missing the “shortcut” one for “favicon.ico” itself. It had one of the force cache links (in my example above.) When I included that set, the favicon disappeared. When I didn’t include that set the favicon would appear.

    It looks like the icon was cached. And when I had no included links, the site uses the cached icon. The big HOWEVER is that when I have a forced refresh and no icon, it loads no icon. It’s temporary though, and isn’t forcing a new caching to remove the icon already cached. Probably though if I had a link to a different image, that would get loaded.

    Meanwhile, this was for a volunteer organization.
    With a president who’s doing powerplays and I’ve found a way to leave. So it’s no longer urgent. But I do still want to figure it out because i have other people I do sites for, and I’d like to get my skills sharpen and things developed correctly. I’d like other pages to automatically refresh whenever we’d modified them.

    So I will be playing with this some more. If you have more ideas, please do let me know. Meanwhile though, this isn’t the urgent thing that it was.

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