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    So I’ve been teaching myself jQuery using Codeacademy, and I have actually picked up a lot from it. One thing I’m not understanding is why this is not working. I’m sure my linking is wrong.. I might try writing the script directly on my index.html page.

    Can you guys see why this is not working?

    Codepen: []( “”)

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    Go to CodePen’s Editor mode.

    Push near the right side of the screen where it reads Ctrl 3

    You see a drop down where it reads “Latest version of…”

    Click the box below. Select jQuery from the list.

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    Added the latest version [here]( “here”).

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    The second parameter should be a function, or if it is a string, tell which “easing funtion” to use, of which there are natively only two supported: ‘swing’ and ‘linear’.

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    So I added your new code and it still seemed not to work.

    This is the jQuery code I am using. I don’t think I linked it correctly.. Do I have to link the jQuery page to my HTML one and do something else? All I have done is linked my jQuery page to my HTML page.

    Here is my jQuery code:
    $(document).ready(function() {
    $(‘.test’).click(function() {

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    If there is no other difference, you’re missing a semicolon.

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    Alright, so I added the semicolon praying it would work.. What a let down. I’m right there with you now.. I’m not sure why this code is not working. It seems to be set up perfectly fine?

    I updated the codepen if you want to take a look now. The jQuery code should make the div with the ID of object disappear when clicked.

    Codepen: []( “”)

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    Works for me.

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    What browser are you using?

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    Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE10 on Windows 8. All work fine for the last link.

    Try Ctrl + Shift + R (or Ctrl + R) to force full reload on CodePen and see if that fixes your issue.

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    Hmm.. Works on codepen now. I think there might be a problem with viewing my website through Dreamweaver on the internet? You know.. Using the “Preview/Debug in Browser” button on Dreamweaver instead of uploading it to a server.

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    Got it to work. Thanks Merri!

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