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    Hello all,
    I am trying to get back into web development/design…. I fell out of it due to complications and eye problems…
    So to recap:
    I have made 4 websites in my life so far. two wordpress ones.
    I design it in photoshop and then do the css from scratch.
    I use jquery and wordpress when needed.

    I usually use percentages for everything so its fluid. But i encountered issues where if I have ads in a sidebar and if the screen is large the ads do not look nice, being that they cannot really be stretched…and the rest of the column can be…
    how do others fix this issue?

    frameworks…. should I dig into these or leave them alone? I like making the website on my own. fully me. but its not always a rigid grid looking thing…
    I looked at bootstrap unsure of how it works but they have a fluid nice layout thing. and built in javascript and stuff…
    But im not sure how to customize it or change the behavior of the js or things and I feel it easier to just do it from scratch than to learn this?
    is frameworks the way to go? is it faster or better?

    I have no clue how these work at all!! i just know the thought of having variables to hold colors and do math sounds great.

    basically i am intimidated by technology which goes so fast and I am scared I missed out on stuff… afterall it moves fast!

    # February 17, 2013 at 6:26 am

    You could just centre the ad in the middle of the column, that said, you don’t have to use percentages and then just use [media queries](

    Bootstrap is pretty nice and easy to create good looking fluid websites. It is editable, just it depends how much you want to change or whether it’s worth it just to build it from scratch. In that case, Chris did [a post about it](

    Preprocessors are great and pretty much shorten the amount of time and lines CSS. There’s loads about them on the web, Chris has done a [couple]( of [posts]( on them if you’re interested.

    # February 17, 2013 at 9:46 am

    thanks for the links!
    the post about grids -thats what I do! as long as you use border box the grids are easy and I use percentages in a set pixel wrap. or a wrap of 80%. depends on my mood…. (if i use 80% i also use a max width otherwise it can look terrible on huge screens)

    how do you use a framework if you have a sidebar? like is it linear placing things on the grid or can I split up the grid so that widgets can be added if i use the framework with wordpress?

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