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    I’m looking for a nice gallery script. It has to be like this, but if you know something else, or how to make it, it’s welcome:

    In the middle the current picture is, in a bigger size. On each side there’s about 2 pictures – on the right side the 2 next pictures are, on the left side the 2 previous pictures are.
    If something like that is possible, it would be nice.

    If not; it would be nice, if you could have the current picture showing in a big size, and underneath there are like 6 small pictures. The current one is marked by higher opacity, border or something like that. If theres more than 6 pictures, there’s a left and right arrow, which brings some new small pictures to the place under the current picture.

    It’s not very easy to describe, but i hope you understand it.


    # January 21, 2010 at 1:55 am

    I think you should look on this site.

    from above site you can find lot’s scripts


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