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    Chris Coyier

    Hey everyone!

    We’re in the early stages of another redesign here on CSS-Tricks, and it’s time to reconsider everything!

    I love that we have forums here, because it helps make this site more of a community.

    There are some issues with the forums as they are implemented right now:

    • There is a lot of spam, and it can hurt both ways. Spam not being caught by catcher, and good threads getting caught. This isn’t tended to regularly because we don’t have staff for it.
    • Registering and logging into the forums is kinda old school. Not easy social login.
    • All the functionality is a bit old school. Nothing is real time. Notifications are a bit janky. Nothing fancy like a desktop or mobile app.
    • It’s isolated. These forums aren’t connected to any other communities you might be interested in.
    • The design of the forums is somewhat complicated and represents a lot of work in redesigns.

    My thinking is that we should start taking advantages of other platforms that specialize in community and solve some of these problems.

    I’ve been liking for that. We’ve been using it at CodePen:

    And CodePen is a community of web designers and front-end developers, just like the focus of CSS-Tricks is, so maybe we can just use that?


    First off, I would definitely miss the forum should it be gone and don’t think I’d be using the other platform much. Even though I may not respond to topics a lot at all times, I click on pretty much everything for a read. If there were a spam report button, I’m pretty sure I’d identify most of it as I zealously despise the litter. Some of the other regulars would undoubtedly keep an eye out too.

    Personally I don’t mind (and perhaps even prefer) it not being part of a larger community network or any supposed lack of technical niftiness.

    The pages being a drag when it comes to maintenance and innovation is something I can’t argue with of course.

    All and all, I hope it stays (mostly as it is).


    All and all, I hope it stays (mostly as it is).

    I agree with that.


    I love the Forum personally. I’ve been using CSS tricks since more or less the start, certainly from your first video.

    It’s the main reason I visit these days, usually while I’m here I read the odd post.

    I’d like to see you keep it. I also miss the lodge training you used to do. Over the years I’ve learnt loads from this site and for that I’ll always be grateful no matter what you decide it’s future should be.


    I would also prefer not to be sent to another location for the forums.

    If the new forums could be incorporated into the existing site that would be my preferred option….but I could be convinced if it had the same functionality (codepen embed) (markdown etc) provided the transition from one site to another was seamless.

    A “Report Spam” for ALL users would be ideal, I’m a “moderator” here and i wasn’t aware that this wasn’t available to all users. I assumed that this is something that would be something that all users would have…it juts seemed logical.

    I’m not really concerned about connections to other communities, I suspect that most “professional” users will already be part of those . I suspect that this will just add to more “noise”.

    It should be noted that I’m resistant to change out of the box but will go with the flow.


    I notice that the codepen forums only allow login through social media or github accounts (which seems weird that you can’t use your codepen login)? Would that be the same for css tricks if you go with spectrum? I’m not sure I would want any of those connected to css tricks (or codepen for that matter)?

    The codepen forum also seems a little difficult to read and navigate on a desktop to me? The individual threads only open as a little half-screen on the right, and it is organized like a mobile chat – which is fine for conversations, but maybe not so great for information? Plus all of the topics are lumped together – I guess this wouldn’t be an issue if you can have multiple “channels” though (I did notice there was a post about it).

    Basically I think the css tricks forums are (in terms of function) something closer to Stack Exchange than to facebook.

    Chris Coyier

    Lots of good feedback here, thanks everyone! I’ll be taking it all under consideration.

    I’d be curious if more folks would be interested in being moderators/spam police?


    I’ve been trying to find the time to reply from a desktop computer but that hasn’t happened. This one will be short and sweet from mobile tippy tappy land…

    I too like the forum format as it is. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit more old school, but all the social integration nowadays can seem a bit overwhelming at times. To be honest, I like the separation that a standalone forum offers. I like choosing when and where I go online without the constant email prompts polluting my inbox/Facebook/whatever.

    I had a quick look at the spectrum chat and it looks fine on mobile… haven’t yet experienced it on desktop (what I was trying to find time to do this past week) so I can’t comment on that, or the functionality.

    A “report spam” option would be good for all users, especially if, on the front-forum side, it could be setup to show us when a post has already been reported (so we don’t all keep reporting the same post and bombard the mods with notifications in the mod panel).
    I know I’d be up for helping delete the durge when it comes in, especially if it helps you guys out and frees-up your time to focus on more great content elsewhere on the website. I’m here every day too, like the others above, so it makes sense to be useful while I’m/we’re here I think. Not to nominate where it isn’t wanted, but there are a few names above who I think would make great moderators, if the notion so takes them.

    Whatever you decide for the future of the forum, I’ll still be a regular. CSS Tricks is one of my fave places on the web :)


    I agree to all the above.

    Please keep it. Being a bit oldschool myself, I prefer at least one place on the internet without speech bubbles and clap hands and stuff.

    The functionality is ok for me. No need for much more real time notification fancyness.


    Your improvement will be useful for us! Thanks.




    Or even a Slack integration might be nice?


    Please use Spectrum. I’ve really been enjoying it now that I tried it.
    I hope those who voted for things to stay as they are tried it as well ;)

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