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    so, like any professional, we have those funny/stooped things that happen on occasion. Let’s hear some.
    Today, i wasted a half-hour trying to figure out why an absolutely-positioned element wasn’t showing on-screen. Devtools showed it being in the right place. no parents had overflow:hidden. It wasnt a z-index issue… it just was just plain invisible. Now, it wasn’t actually hidden. In the end, The element was empty of content(text). Sigh.


    i think annoying might be more relevant than funny :)


    I once coded a sandwich in CSS. I guess I could have eaten a plain HTML sandwich… But I had a few hours and wanted to splurge on something tasty. So, I spent MORE THAN a few hours but finally had my sandwich. I was so excited! All that work and I finally got to enjoy it. I bit in and… Turns out I messed up a few classes and got a egg salad sandwich. I effing hate egg salad.


    I can never manage to remember that pseudo-elements don’t work on so-called “replaced” elements.

    Just about every time I start a new design that has a form in it, I spend an hour or so trying to figure out why my “required” or “error” messages (which are “cleverly” displayed :after the <input>) won’t show up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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