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    Just finished this site for my friend/guitar teacher. Its built on WordPress 3.0 and gives him the ability to update his audio, video and schedule. Its pretty straightforward and basic, but it was quite fun to build and my first venture into WordPress 3’s new features!


    It was brought to my attention there was some gnarly artifacting going on in IE…I have fixed it…just FYI


    It’s simple, but I find the text very difficult to read, especially in Fireox.

    On the Biography page, float that image to the right. Floating images to the left breaks up text in a way that isn’t friendly to a user’s eyes trying to follow the text.

    I think it could use a solid background somewhere, maybe in the header in some way. I just feel like it’s missing something.


    Thanks Doc…haven’t received any feedback on the hard to read aspect of it, but I always felt that might pop up. I’ll play around with some different styles. I wonder if its just different monitor/color configs that would result in that. I’d love to see if others feel the same before I implement that.

    Thats interesting you mentioned that particular photo, as I felt it really looked best on the left. I’ve never heard that about floating images left, very interesting. Interesting also because that photo is reversed just to put it on the left, which makes him look like a right-handed guitarist (ala’ Hendrix) which he’s not. Good feedback.

    As for solid bg, we really wanted to keep it open and airy and let the textures come through. Perhaps around testimonials, maybe.

    Thanks again, Doc.


    I think the legibility would be improved if you lightened up the background a bit. It might generally improve the look of the site too.

    The biggest problem with this design is alignment. I’ve attached a screenshot which highlights the lines that elements are aligned to. As well as having too many lines there are 3 different types of alignment on display. Left, right and centrally aligned elements are all on display, and aligned to 5 different lines.

    I would try to be more consistent with alignments. Try to use strong lines to give the design a more solid feel. Cental alignments often look amateurish or like something out of a wedding invitation. If you are going to use it, use it carefully. Alternatively, use a strong grid to place your elements.


    Very insightful, thank you for this analysis! I agree, the alignment always felt a bit off to me, but alignment was actually one part of the design that we left a little more abstract due to the musician/artistry factor. The grid was used loosely, but ultimately was stretched out to give it more of an ‘out of the box’ feel. Either way, this was good feedback, so thank you! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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