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    I’ve used a technique found on this site to implement a full screen, scalable background image. Technique found here:

    I used the CSS-Only Technique #1.

    It’s working great – but I’d like that image to fade in on page load. Is there a way to accomplish this? Time is of the essence so any help any of you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    I know it’s not a codepen but here is your answer.

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    Unfortunately you won’t be able to animate the background image itself (at least not in a particularly stable way. You’ll need to create a new `

    ` that will contain the background image, then you can animate the opacity of the `

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    You could just check with modernizr if js is enabled if it is display none it in your css and then .fadeIn() with jquery onLoad, but this might get a little bit buggy.

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    @TheDoc I’ve never tested that. Have you? I would see do reason that wouldn’t work on the body

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    @Eric – because if you animated the body, you’d be animating the *entire* page, not just the background.

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    lol true that

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