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    Hello guys, how are you?

    I am a new member of css-tricks and i enjoy learning from this website.I have some question for you and i hope i will get some response about my questions.
    1.What are the first steps in Web-development(software,pc, all that) ?
    2.There is lot to learn but what languages i need learn first (if you can make a entire list)?
    3.On what i should focus (what should be my first website )?
    4.Why did you become a Web-developer?

    I am loving this and i really want to learn and maybe one day make the new facebook :P.
    I hope i will get a lot of replays it would help me a lot.I know people here are great persons and always ready to share knowledge and love.


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    1. Well for free I recommend Komodo Edit. Having a fast PC is less necessary here, but it could be useful. You don’t really need anything other than a good program, and knowledge.
    2. You should probably learn HTML & CSS first as the go hand in hand. They will be the basis of your learning any other language. Second I would recommend PHP so you can start designing WordPress sites. After that i recommend learning jQuery and/or Javascript. (jQuery is simplified javascript, so you might need to have knowledge of javascript first).
    3. For your first site I think you should a website design you really like, and then you should try to dupicate the design to test yourself. I also recommend looking through a lot of ites and seeing what trends the most in their designs.
    4. I became a Web Developer because I wanted to know how to make a website. I found design to be very cool, and I really just kind of just searched for things I needed, and that’s how I picked it up. I also really wanted to make Tumblr themes (I never really made any good ones I like, but whatever). I have yet to learn PHP and onward, but you can do a lot with HTML and CSS.
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    interesting,thank you for replay

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    @Odd_E do you know a good book for php ?

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    If you’re just starting out php is no good to you. You can’t use it if you don’t know html and css (at least html, but you should html and css together) so don’t worry about it.

    Focus just on html and css, and later you can decide between learning javascript of php depending on whether you’d rather be a front end or back end developer.

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    @noahgelman i know just if is there a good book to read i really like to know, so i can buy it ASAP.And I am learning html and css like for a week now.It is really simple, ok maybe not to simple but it isn’t hard at last how i see it :D

    Thank you for you replay,sir

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    It depends on what type of web developer you want to be.

    If you want to be a front-end web developer, you need to master HTML and CSS first. Then you can move on to some jQuery and even some PHP.

    Do not try to skip ahead until you truly understand HTML and CSS.

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    @TheDoc ok thanks

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    I would say this is pretty vital actually – until you have grabbed hold of HTML and CSS in a real soild way don’t bother going onto server side languages. The reason I say this is because you output HTML with languages like PHP. I have seen the results of PHP guys who think that HTML is so easy they don’t bother to learn properly and you are left with markup that breaks differently in different browsers.

    HTML is easy for sure – the hardest part is learning the rules, what goes in what where and when, and that is the most important part of it :)

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    1. The first steps I would say is; getting a decent editor with code highlightning, I use Panic Inc.’s Coda editor in OS X, and after that you have to figure out what kind of language you would like to work with. PHP & MySQL is the most common to start out with, but before you start on that you should have a basic understanding of HTML & CSS.

    2. I would recommend you to start with HTML, CSS then slowly over to Javascript – and after that to PHP & MySQL. :)

    3. Your first website should contain HTML & CSS and could be as simple as; your personal page or your online storage place for code snippets or something like that. Learn the very basics before you start with web development. I do not recommend y ou to skip class on this one if you really want to learn this.

    4. I’m not a web developer, I’m a web designer. It started out as a hobby, and ended up as my main profession – and it took me many years to get here!

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    @robskiwarrior , @Zeriz thank this help me a lot :D

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    Sure, no problem! :) Just nice to help! :D

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