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    Hi All,

    After years of trying to teach myself html and xhtml (very poorly) I finally decided to try to move everything to wordpress to give myself an easier life and allow me to get on with the design side of things (what I like doing the best).

    For a complete non blogger like me WordPress looked a little daunting but after finding out a mate does all his websites in wordpress I finally plucked up the courage to do something about it.

    I intend to take my little sites over to wordpress.

    My design site first
    and then my paddling site.

    Hopefully what I learn in one will be very transferable to all the others in the future.

    It looks like a huge mountain to climb at the moment but thanks to the video posts by Chris I have finally plucked up the courage to do it (wish me luck).

    Please excuse any stupid sounding questions I may ask on here. I am a WordPress virgin at the moment.

    To start with can anyone tell me what are the best, most popular and easiest to understand galleries viewers on the market at the moment.
    I use thickbox at the moment on my design site. Are there better ones out there for image viewing?

    All the best


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    Cheers Al,

    Will have a look.

    The thing I have found most daunting at the momentis how it all fits together and having to learn the basics of PHP to understand a few thing.

    Still every mountain is only there to be conquered. Thanks for the help.

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    Hi All,

    Second daft question for you. Not WP related

    Are there any php forms out there that have a captcha sort of capability that you do not have to buy into or pay for.
    Needs to work on a mysql database.

    Needs to be easy to use and idiot proof.

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    looks interesting! Thank you

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    Hi All, Back aagain with another ‘stupid’ question.

    I have been reading through ‘Complete wordpress’ Which has a chapter on RSS feeds and some associated code to make ‘readers’ etc.

    I am sure this is very easy to understand once you get the knack but I am confusing the heck out of myself.

    Does anyone have an easy tutorial or explanation to break down the requirements to make an RSS feed and reader.
    A sot of a ‘you need this in here’ and @this in here’ sort of guide. Sorry for the stupid sounding question but I am just trying to get my head round it all.

    All the best

    # April 27, 2009 at 7:53 am

    Not really sure what you mean :?

    If you are using WordPress then you already have an RSS feed, just get a feedburner account at Google to maximise its potential.

    Why would you want to make a feed reader? There are literally hundreds of free ones for all platforms readily available.

    Maybe this will help

    # May 8, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Cheers for the info.

    Right another quick one for everyone:

    Well I am having fun with galleries. Tried to download 3 good looking ones but it seems you need a degree in Astro Physics to get images to display like on the individual demo sites pages.

    Going to try and find some more if I can.

    Have you found any good (easy to use)ones.

    Have looked at:
    wpesp portfolio
    Featured content gallery

    Would like a simple click to view image and info. (either on page or via a thickbox style thing).

    All the best

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