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    So I’m looking for a Free WordPress Plugin that can apply Parallax Scrolling to certain pages of my wordpress site!

    I have seen various standalone Javascript plugins, but I am looking for one that I can integrate with WordPress or a tutorial to show me how!

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    How would a plugin work? You need to target various elements on a page in different ways, and assign a variety of different values to various aspects. I really don’t see how this would be technically possible without custom coding?

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    Off head, I think it would work like this.

    For every page, There would be a feature in edit page that allows to upload 3 images – then write code that allows those three images to move.

    So the code would affect the pages that contain the three images.

    or something like that

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    Parallax works as a combination of graphics and content. It’s basically like multiple pages being shown on the one page, with scrolling between pages rather than clicking to pages. So if anything it would need to be a theme.

    It would be far easier to find the code to implement yourself, creating anything to do this automatically would be a huge task! Not everything works best as point and click.

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    Go check themeforest, as I thought it would need to be an entire theme thing.

    (but use their themes at your own risk, certainly not my recommendation)

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    Just found this thread.
    Has anyone had any luck with this? I am wanting to try this kind of technique…
    I was thinking it would work something like..
    adding a custom post type maybe called sections, to set up the different scrollable sections.
    Then use this with a combinations of shortcodes to control individual elements.
    This would be tied to a page template. Sadly as yet I have no idea how to achieve this!!

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