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    Hey ya’ll!

    I’m giving away this theme which has been in the works for too long now, and I frankly don’t like it anymore. Plus it needs a lot of work if it’s ever gonna be a WordPress Theme, so I finally just gave up. It became more of a testsite for new "CSS Tricks" I wanted to try, but not the blog-theme I wanted for myself.
    I think it’s best if I forget all about it, so I thought I’d give it away for free to any- and everyone who wants to adopt it, or just have a look and use some of the elements inside.

    All the links and info you need are listed further down, good2go on any server, and there’s a live copy up as well, here
    I’d still love some feedback if you have the time, even though I’ve given up… :)

    Notice! The DOCTYPE (language) is set to swedish (sv-se) so be sure to change that if you upload it to your server. And I’m sure that the code isn’t @ 100%… But everything works fine, couldn’t find anything strange when I uploaded it.

    Some info about the code. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things though…

    • (Needs works) Menu with some jQuery animation.[/*:m]
    • Extensive reset in the CSS, that turned out great, imo.[/*:m]
    • Polaroid-styled "over"-backgrounds for the <li><img /></li> elements in the sidebar.[/*:m]
    • Extensive accesskeys.[/*:m]
    • Some accessible elements such as a "Jump to Content" link that’s hidden in the top right corner, activates on mouse over and tabindex=1. Also a "toolbox" for bigger / smaller text and switching to "fullscreen".[/*:m]
    • BigTarget link for the entry on the index.html page, combined with a centered span (Read more).[/*:m][/list:u]
      Needs more work:

      • IE6 bugs, there are plenty. Mostly png-related though.[/*:m]
      • Optimize the CSS; I’m sure there are a few "ghosts" and strange forgotten references in there…[/*:m]
      • Also optimize the images used; it’s pretty all over the place right now, but with a little work you could combine a few more into the sprite already in use…[/*:m]
      • No footer to speak of.[/*:m]
      • Comment-area.[/*:m]
      • Overkilled styling of the entry text, perhaps.[/*:m][/list:u]

        Download Zip | View CSS

        -And thanks in advance for your feedback-

        Bigger Screenshot

    "lookslikepat" wrote:
    I’m giving away this theme which has been in the works for too long now, and I frankly don’t like it anymore.

    Me neither.

    But its generous of you to hand it out ….


    Haha, I almost thought this forum was jerk free. .01% ain’t bad though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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