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    I’m trying to make this website on a dime so to speak so I’m trying to avoid buying things as much as possible, which is making this a lot harder. With that said, does anyone know a free alternative to Gravity Forms? I understand there will be less functionality of course, but I can live with that, hopefully.


    Chris Coyier

    Contact Form 7 I think is one of the most popular form building plugins.

    But, also check out the free plan on, might be all you need for now. If you like Gravity Forms, I think you’ll like the interface of Wufoo, since it’s pretty blatantly “borrowed” from Wufoo.


    @chriscoyier thanks for the tip. I’ll check out Wufoo first and see if that’ll work.


    I know this is late, but the free version of Formidable is a good option with the functionality of Contact Form 7 like editable HTML and the ease of a drag and drop form builder. (FYI, I’m the main author)


    Steph, Just tried Formidable, looks great, good UI … but the free version is useless without being able to view the results. It should be listed as an example on I understand you’re trying to give people a teaser to buy the full product, but I would think there’d be some other functionallity you could remove other than the ability to view the results. Regardless, very easy to use and I’m sure the people that buy it will be very happy with it. But for someone like me (who only wants to use it to query the family as to what to make for Christmas dinner), it’s useless and I won’t pony up the $ for a product that’s only to survey10 people for a one time event.


    The next best thing in my opinion is Quform for WordPress. It does lack some of the more advanced stuff that GF has but it is a much better UI and better control of the design and cheaper (not free unfortunately) which is a bonus! You download it from – Quform – WordPress Form Builder.

    It think all the others have been mentioned that I know off already.

    Enjoy :P

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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