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    Because I am new on the forum I wanted to ask first, to be sure I am not breaking any forum rules.

    I have been working with a couple of friends on an assets-sharing portal, where people can upload their Web/Design assets and they can download them for free.

    While we have gone live, we are still far from being where we want it to be. Could I open a review thread for my website, and get member feedback, especially about the site’s style and general feel?


    Ok, thanks andy!

    The website is
    As I said before, the website is still in development, so we might still be experiencing problems. Right now we are in Beta, as in, we are up and running, but some parts of the site might change.

    So, what do you guys think? (Please don’t give simple i like it/hate it reviews). How did you personally find it?


    Hi Karl!

    I really like the site, it looks like it will be a great resource! I explored the site very briefly this time and the one thing that stands out is the file area:

    While the icons are nice I think it really slows down the filtering process, which may get even slower as the library grows. Personally, the immediate updating is good, but I’d like to check all of the boxes I want filtered, then update… it just “feels” faster that way. Also, maybe add a “text only” mode that shows the title and author – no icons, unless I hover over it.

    Also, the icons themselves have labels all over the place:

    • “vector” is labeled across the top of the icon while every other icon has it across the bottom.
    • “vector pack” is in red, sometimes, and very distracting.
    • Label fonts are all over the place.
    • Some icons have rounded corners, but with different radii. Textures have completely round icons.
    • Some icons don’t have labels at all!.. see the illustrations.
    • Label background colors: black, red, yellow or the semi-transparent. All too distracting!

    What really looks nice is the “photos” icons… they seem very consistent and the grey label background isn’t as distracting as the others.

    Overall, I love the design of the site. It’s clean and simple and the branding of the TT is great!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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