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    The font size on the forums pages is really small (12px) and for those of us with non-perfect vision it requires zooming (in my case) to 150% to make it legible,

    I seem to recall the previous design had a much larger font size….can we revert to that or adjust to say 16 or even 20px?



    I like the high contrast colours but for me it’s the change in navigation that I’m finding less user-friendly; On mobile, there is no link to the forum in the main/top menu (haven’t seen on desktop yet) and it took me a while to locate the link in the not-right-at-bottom footer nav. The missing breadcrumb trail, which used to be at the top of the screen when inside threads, also makes getting back to the forum home more difficult.

    Is the markdown formatting still allowed?; Testing= bold, italic
    … Verdict= it is!

    Re: the “EDIT / REPLY” links on posts; Could they be made to look a little more actionable? The grey text colour makes them look disabled and the spacing is a bit tight, even with my small lady fingers.


    I second an increase in font size. Also noticed previously posted code blocks don’t show anymore.


    #code {}
    Chris Coyier

    Sorry about that! I’ll get those things fixed up as soon as I can.


    Thanks Chris.

    Another request, to help improve usage…

    Could the thread title appear inside threads? It would help us to see how folks have titled their questions, to serve as a recap when answering, or for when folks do that thing where they start a question in the title, and then finish what they’re asking in the main post body, and the 2 hardly seem to be related at all by the time you’ve read through a description.

    Richard Lake

    Loving the new site Chris, but as what has already been eluded to, the forum layout seems to have been neglected. More than a few layout niggles essentially it’s not been branded against the rest of the site (yet!). Blue links instead of gradent links being a prime example, buttons which drop down a pixel when hoovered over etc…
    Visit the search page and your left wondering where you are meant to click/tap in order to enter anything.

    Missing breadcrumb; relying on the Back button!

    Just lots of tidying up ahead.

    Edit: Oh and yes the font size is teeny tinny!


    The pixel drop is intentional though, Richard. It’s in the CSS.


    Font color doesn’t really work when using single ticks. For example this right here.


    That got fixed. :-)

    I just noticed that when a thread has several pages, it’s not really possible to click the second page from the topic link in the main forum page. When hovering over it, it adds a line break – then the page numbers turn up below each other.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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