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    Hi there,

    I was thinking it would be handy to have some error notifications for when the form doesn’t submit when posting a thread?

    I was trying to post a topic last night and again this morning but after hitting “Submit” the page returns to the Javascript Jungle forum but my post isn’t visible and I can’t see a reason why.

    The majority of the post is text with a bit of javascript and html which is wrapped in the required markdown. I’ve even tried putting my post into Coda so I can be sure any formatting can be removed, still no luck. If I’m doing something wrong I’m happy to admit it but it would be good to know what :)

    Cheers, what are peoples thoughts on this?


    Could it be these three letters are in the text somewhere?


    Only reason I ever saw for a post to get rejected, even when they happen to be inside an easing equation for example.


    JS is tricky on the forum even in the style backticks

    Sometimes even the slightest hint of it is enough to trigger a ‘hold’.

    I usually recommend a Codepen for such things.

    Also, muliple attempts get flagged as spam (which is where these were).

    If you check the JS tags only…it’s there multiple since I ‘unspammed’ one.


    Last time I had script tags trigger a rejection, I got some kind of warning afterwards. The three letters did not do such a thing but only refreshed the page.


    Yes, feedback when there’s an issue would be lovely. I had a problem with the post below this (see link at the end of this reply) and I haven’t got the foggiest why it wouldn’t post. No mention of S-E-O so not sure. Maybe it was the quotes?.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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