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    Almost done finishing a website for a friend of a friend. The URL is

    What is the most simple and elegant way of going about making my contact form function. I did have formmail.php set up, but the validation made the form way too confusing for what its worth. All I want it to do it maybe turn the ‘(this field is required)’ part of the label red if a user skips the field out? Then obviously I need it to actually submit. I have tried following/applying a tutorial, but every time I pressed submit the page would just refresh as opposed to validating the form. As I have my form all styled, there must be an easy way using JQuery etc?

    If you have any other tips/advice/feedback I would be really grateful as this is my first project so I am trying to make it as refined as possible to use on my portfolio


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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