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    The site I’m creating right now needs to display products, as simple as it is. There are many categories in which said products are placed and each one of them is represented as a photo, short description and list of features.

    What I need is a consistent template to create these. The problem is the following – how to manage editable areas?

    I’ve created a custom post type named, well, “product” and I’m thinking of making a lot of custom fields under the name of “feature1”, “feature2”, etc… Then in the template I’ll place a conditional statement inside of an ul saying that IF the “feature1/2/3/4/5” custom field exists, then make a list item displaying the said custom field.

    What I’m thinking is – isn’t there a better option to do this? Currently the default way to edit pages seems insufficient since it won’t be filled by me, but the client. He needs to have a clear view of what goes where and how to fill it properly. I thought about something like a form, but I haven’t come up with any interesting idea so far on how to handle this.

    Any help? How would you tackle the issue?


    UPDATE: I kinda try to achieve this with WPAlchemy meta-boxes, going good so far I think.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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