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    Hello all,

    First, I want to say congrats for CSS Tricks. The site is great and I have read articles from here many times in the past. I never made an account because an account is not required in order to read the articles.

    Now I need a bit of help with the fonts used on this site. I plan to use a similar font stack in other sites. Noto Sans is great and I know from where to take it (Google CDN). I would also like to use the fonts that are used on the headlines, namely Gotham Rounded.

    If we head over to we are in for very hard choices. The page for this font is here:

    Can you help me choose want fonts to buy? We have the following selection:

    Gotham Rounded Multipurpose
    Gotham Rounded ScreenSmart

    Gotham Bundle Multipurpose
    Gotham Bundle ScreenSmart

    Exactly what fonts are you using for the headlines here? What package would contain them all?

    We need to have the font available for the Web, but we also need to give the fonts to a web designer to use them in current and new designs (that means that probably the web fonts option would not be good enough for us, as we would need to have the actual TTF or OTF files).

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Razvan M.


    What I would do is contact @chriscoyier, however, if you need them for both, I would just buy the print version as you get the webfont with it.


    Hi Cris,

    This is the reply that I received from’s representative, Ms. Melissa Marovich:

    Thank you for getting back to me with respect to this. 
    The Multipurpose font family package and the ScreenSmart font family packages are two separate font families. In order to receive both of them, you need to purchase both the Gotham Bundle Multipurpose and the Gotham Bundle ScreenSmart font family packages. 

    From what I understand, we need ScreenSmart for the web, but that doesn’t look too good on print or high res devices. Unfortunately, ScreenSmart is not included with Multipurpose font as Melissa explains.

    Thank you


    As a new user, I am not allowed to send PMs, right? I saw in other threads that ppl can do that, but I cannot seem to find the button for that in other’s user’s profiles. As it is, I cannot contact Chris Coyier.


    There’s no PM functionality at CSS-Tricks…although there used to be as I recall.

    You can always link Chris in if you need to contact him…or there are many links in the footer.


    Thanks for the suggestion Paulie. I sent him a message using the Contact form with a link to this thread.

    Chris Coyier

    ScreenSmart = for small font sizes:

    ScreenSmart fonts are specifically built for the screen, to perform at sizes from 9–18 pixels. Their forms are adapted to anticipate the effects of coarse pixel grids, and their styles are adjusted to ensure that each weight is appreciably different from the other members of the family. On Windows, where other webfonts are at their weakest, ScreenSmart fonts contain additional engineering that helps them render with special clarity and precision. For best results across all platforms, always use ScreenSmart fonts when setting text at small sizes.

    I believe I don’t use screensmart here because I only use Gotham Rounded for large text like titles and the logo.


    Thanks for the quick reply. Do you remember what package have you bought? It was the bundle or just the regular Gotham Rounded? The regular Gotham Rounded is 179USD while the bundle is 299USD.

    Or … you just took the online fonts (seems to be free)? But in this case you don’t get the TTF/OTF files so a designer cannot use the font in his PSDs.

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