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    Okay, I am looking for two fonts. One that is similar to Georgia, but displays better. And another one that is similar to Brandon Grotesque. And I do not have any available funds at the moment. I have been looking at fonts for the better half of the night, so I am a little blurry-eyed. I was hoping to find something on Google Web Fonts or I could always use @font-face. Brandon Grotesque might be easier to acquire than I first originally thought. It is available on Typekit by Adobe if you pay for the “Personal” plan. I do not expect more than 50,000 pageviews per month and if I get more than that, I think I will be able to afford a better plan. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    Edit #1: I will tag @chrisburton to this post since he seems to be the residential typographer.

    Edit #2: Read the fifth message for my second question. Thanks!

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    I didn’t either.

    I just Googled : “Georgia Font Similar” for kicks and what do you know!


    I think that is $40 per ‘version’ so it might not be **exactly** equivalent to Typekit

    So standard + italic would be $80

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    Georgia Pro

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    Thanks for tagging me. Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to properly respond. I’ll come back tonight/tomorrow with my suggestions.

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    > One that is similar to Georgia, but displays better

    Good luck with that. Georgia is heavily optimized for the screen, hinted by the infamous Tom Rickner. Since Georgia is so popular cross platform, I don’t see a reason to use Georgia Pro as suggested by @thedoc. In fact, Matthew Butterick made a compelling argument against it regarding A List Apart’s new website.

    As for using a webfont similar to Brandon Grotesque, why? It does not fit the design whatsoever nor does Montserrat resemble it. Elliot Jay Stocks created a site I think for the Insites Tour or perhaps it was something unrelated to Insites. It had an illustrative background with a person zip lining on it, not sure if anyone remembers but there was a typeface he used that might make a good match for your site. Of course, I can’t recall it and since he started Viewport Industries, the design and content is different from the original.

    The overall look you have right now is very playful and I don’t think Brandon Grotesque would be a great fit. I’m not even understanding the yellow cubes for the background that seems off from the yellow of the logo. What are you trying to accomplish with this site because I don’t think webfonts should be the only concern here?

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    @mintertweed Can you explain again in one full post of what you’re asking?

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