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    so i’m trying to get the font ‘Quicksand Book’ to work on my site and it’s not working in firefox, however it does seem to be working fine in chrome and safari, I’ve yet to try it in ie. What gives? this is the first time i’ve had problems with @font-face. I got the @font-face kit from font squirrel, by the way. i’ve also tried other fonts, reloading and converting the font etc, but to no avail. Maybe it’s this new version of firefox 14? but then font-face is still working fine on other sites i’ve done in the past. Any ideas?


    Nevermind, I guess? it inexplicably started working.


    So, it’s not working again… driving me crazy.


    Seems like it’s due to your CSS where something is overriding it.


    perhaps? anyone have any idea what that interfering CSS might be? it’s not exactly a big CSS file. I have noticed, however, that when I go to one of the pages, the correct font loads, and when I go back to the home page, the correct font is still loaded. but if I go to the site with a fresh page load, the font-face is ignored.


    So, I’m having @font-face fonts not show up in certain versions of Firefox 14, but it’s fine in others. Even an absolute URI pointing to font file on the same server as the rest of the site seems to have no effect. What gives?


    I would recommend setting up a pen to isolate the issue. If the font works flawlessly on the pen in Firefox, then there must be something else on the page conflicting somehow.


    Solved it, at least in our case.

    Check your DNS settings in your registrar’s domain admin panel. We found that Firefox 14 has some strange exception for @font-face kits related to unqualified domains. On our sites that automatically redirect to a qualified URL (www.), the rendering issue doesn’t occur. On sites where the DNS settings allow the user to go directly to an unqualified domain, e.g. “” , the @font-face is absent. This issue seems to affect FF14 Windows 32-bit and FF14 Mac 32- and 64-bit. FF14 64-bit for Win7 will automatically redirect to the qualified domain. We did some more testing and this also seems to occur in IE9.

    EDIT: We set up a php redirect in the cases of both sites where we discovered the DNS wasn’t automatically driving to a qualified domain. Takes care of the disappearing @font-face issue w/o waiting for DNS to repopulate.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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