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    I’m currently building a website for a client which uses Monotype Corsiva for the body text (client’s decision!). We went with this as it’s a font that should be present by default on a lot of computers but there’s always the chance that it’s not.

    Naturally, CSS allows me to fall back on another font like Georgia if Monotype Corsiva isn’t found.

    However, since Monotype Corsiva requires a font-size of around 18px to be remotely readable, should the font fall back to Georgia, the text will suddenly become huge.

    To combat this, the best method we can drum up is to detect if Monotype Corsiva is installed using jQuery and if not, change the font-size.

    This post is simply to see if anyone has discovered any nice tricks to make this process simpler or any alternative methods (which, unfortunately, not using Monotype Corsiva doesn’t seem to be) of setting the font-size for back up fonts.


    Try another typeface for it to fallback to?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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