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    So I don’t know if this is possible, let alone with just CSS, but here’s what I want to accomplish: I would like to take a larger image, and place a fluid window over it that only exposes a certain section of the image, so when the browser window is resized it shows different areas.

    Does this make sense?


    Does this make sense?

    Not entirely…what would be the purpose?

    Browser re-sizing generally only affect horizontal positioning of ‘fluid’ elements.

    Vertical positioning might be possible but you are getting into JS areas then.

    As I said, what is the basic idea?


    I guess I’m just more curious as to if it would be possible, it would be purely asthetic. Like if you had kind of an environmental picture in a banner format at the top of the page, that’s larger than it looks but teh CSS determines which parts of the image are visible at any given browser size. Like if the image was responsive (max-width:100%;) but as the browser window resizes, the area of the image that’s visible sort of scrolls up. (Not doing a great job of describing what I mean)

    Alan C

    Well theoretically you could use media queries to hide and show and assortment of divs to get the required effect. Though the code will be a bit messy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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