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    Hi Everyone

    This is my first post here on this lovely forum and i hope i grow to be a long time member :)

    I’m running into some problems floating a few elements on a page.

    This is what i’d like to achieve i’ve uploaded here so its easier.

    This is whats happening in IE6

    This is all ok in IE7 and Firefox

    Here is the css.

    .container { width: 950px; margin:0 auto; }
    .wrapper { float:left; position:relative; width:930px;height:100%;padding:10px; background-color:black; }

    #logo { float:left; position:relative; margin:0; padding: 0 10px 10px 0; width:563px; height:148px; background:url(../styleImages/backgrounds/header.gif) no-repeat; }
    #cart { float:left; position:relative; width: 153px; height:148px; margin:0; background:url(../styleImages/backgrounds/cart_base.gif) no-repeat; }

    .holder { float:left; position:relative; background-color:green; padding-left:10px; }
    .session { float:right; width: 194px; height:66px; background:url(../styleImages/backgrounds/session_base.gif) no-repeat;background-position:top; padding-bottom:10px; }
    .search { float:right; width: 194px; height:72px;background:url(../styleImages/backgrounds/zoom_base.gif) no-repeat; }

    and this is my markup so far


    Now for the life of me,,, i cannot figure out why this is happening in IE6 and if i’ve done this correctly.

    Would someone please be so kind as to show me the way.


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