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    How to make social share buttons float, but it should always stick next to the content. (5px next to it)? So even though I change the view size it should always stay 5 px next to my content container.

    making it float relative to the view port is easy. This is not what Im looking for.

    Please Help!!


    Without seeing the issue in person, it’s almost impossible to comment – maybe try inline-block?

    To offer more specific help, pease provide a reduced sample of the problem you’re having in CodePen so that we can see the elements and CSS you’re working with. We don’t need the whole site – just enough code to demonstrate the problem.


    If you mean like floating on left/right side of your content while you’re scrolling,

    top: some;
    left: some;

    But, if you ask me, this is not good for small screens, because you have two scenarios. First: your icons will cover your content and UX will be 0 points. Second: your content is not covered by your icons but your icons are too small making them “unclickable,” again UX 0.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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