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    Hello every one. I have a funny problem. I am trying to debug a website, but every time I refresh the website I get a funny Javascripts errors which to me they make not sense. One of them on the top keeps changing which javascript is the one with the problem. The second one (the last one) it points to an li with a picture inside. Can I borrow some one’s eye to check this out. May be some one else will have better luck? The website is:

    Also if I go to the blog section, another script error shows up.

    But if I refresh the page, it goes away! ohy!



    Any help would be appreciated. I wasted a couple of days trying to track it down. Please.


    I’m afraid I don’t get any errors (Chrome). What browser are you using?


    Can’t find anything also using latest version of Chrome(7.0.517.44) and Firefox(3.6.10) …


    Ah, I am using or at least checking with IE8. I know that for developers is not the coolest. But most people in the world use IE. And that is where the error appears. I hope you find it. Thank you

    Rob MacKay

    Seems like it’s just a random IE bug that isn’t logical. For the few posts I have seen on the net no one is really bothered about it, and MS aren’t helpful with the error code: “SCRIPT5007: Object expected”

    Probably not much you can do about it, especially when there is no information really to fix it.


    Out of sadness I will be using then:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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