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    Here is my contact form markup:

    Here is my question:
    If I want to make the send button (li.csend) a fixed with of say 100px wide, but still want the “Message” text box (li.cmessage) to fill in the rest of the width… how would I do this?

    I’ve tried adding a 100px right padding to li.cmessage and setting li.csend’s width to 100px, but this pushed li.csend down a line.


    In general I would rather use divs than a ul / li combo so you can wrap each input ‘set’ in a different div.

    If this was done you could use display:table / display:table-cell and probably achieve what you are after.

    With your current ul/li I think you might need to get really creative or use JS.

    BTW…you have WAAAAY to many !important declarations your CSS…that’s indicative of a real problem somewhere.


    Thanks! That got me going in the right direction and I was able to achieve the desired result.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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