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    I’m really stumped on this one. I’m helping a friend re-vamp her wordpress site and the titles on all her pages will not change from the old font to the new one – although they do for a SPLIT second when you first load the page, then flick back. I’ve tried refreshing, deleting cache, but its the same on every machine I try.

    I’m sure I’ve changed every single mention of font in the CSS file so I can’t work out why its still there!!

    Any help gratefully received,




    My guess is that you’re loading the CSS files before the fonts have loaded. I notice that the CSS file is almost first in your head.

    Try googling FOUT and WordPress.

    Flash Of Unstyled Text


    Thanks guys –

    I googled FOUT which is a very similar problem to mine although I want the first font to stay, not to flick back to an old one. I’ve deleted all signs of the old font in the CSS file (or so I thought!)….can you define fonts anywhere else in wordpress?


    No idea…WP isn’t in my area of expertise.

    Could be a caching issue or possibly, a rule being interpreted and then overriden as the stylesheet is loaded.


    I’m seeing Cufon being used, even if you style your font via CSS Cufon will overwrite it because it wraps the heading text in a Canvas tag and displays that instead of the actual text. You need to remove the Cufon JS script calls in the head of the document. I’m just not sure where that would be in your case.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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