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  • # June 16, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Hi al –
    So I’ve got this kindof complex background image thing going on:
    There’s the background color, the gradient image at the top, and the corn at the bottom.
    I’m currently on my friend’s netbook (itty bitty cute computer) and looked at the site, and guess what! The background images are jacked because the bottom one is 330 px high and the top one is pretty close to that, so on a smal sceen it looks really bad.
    Is there a way with css to define the size of images with percentages, so that they will scale with the size of the screen? I think I remember reading about that in one of my css books. If I can do that, can I also set maximum and minimum pixel dimensions for the images?

    Thanks! I <3 this site :) Thank you Chris!

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