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    Hello! I am new to the community so please excuse any silly mistakes and or bad formatting. Recently for school we have been learning some basic html and CSS. I have been assigned to use css to format an already made website (Very irritating not being able to edit the html for custom class and ID names). I am still busy with making the website look appealing so please excuse the extraordinary colors as they are there for prototyping and will be changed in the future. My question today is how do I move one flex box under another while still aligning to the right? Please see pictures for a better view of what I mean. Please note I have just started to learning flex box so please forgive me if this a simple fix.

    Link: Here

    Also please note there are no pictures in the Fiddle page and I have not yet been able to make the website responsive, so when making the window smaller things start going South, be warned!

    Thank you in advance for any help you can lend me!

    Notice the blue “About me Section” is located on the right of the “Latest pots section”, this is correct and the desired output. What I want is for this red “Popular posts section” to be below the blue “About me section”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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