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    I am copletely aware that these two things cannont be wholely compared on an apples to apples basis.

    However, they both provide powerful tools for creating a responsive grid.

    SASS is essentially an easier version of the old way. By being able to use math, you can easily create a 3 column layout for example.

    The question is… should flexbox be used instead?

    Which do you think is the cleaner, more future-proof method?

    I know support for flexbox is lacking. It looks like if you combine old and new syntax, you can get support for everything but IE9 and below. That would be an easy fix, since IE9 supports conditional comments. You could EASILY load a different stylesheet for older versions of IE that makes use of floats instead.

    So…. Flexbox or SASS?


    So…. Flexbox or SASS?

    The two are not exclusive. Flexbox is a CSS property, therefore SASS can write it for you.


    Sass and flexbox are not in any way the same thing, Sass is simply a pre-processor for CSS.

    CSS is a language for describing the rendering of structured documents, such as the flex layout model (flexbox)


    I might be missing something but this wont work,

    width: 600px / 960px * 100%; as 100% has no context (100% of what?) thats like saying ( *100 is different)

    width: 600em + 20px / 0.5vh SASS has absolutely no idea what what an em is or half the viewport height, those calculations can only be done (in css) using the calc() attribute.


    Im wrong, but the 2nd example wont work. Drifting well off topic now though :D haha

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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