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    I am beginning to take a serious look at Flexbox as my “solution” to RWD. I have been rather hesitant to tackle RWD at all as it seems quite “involved” for the novice that I am.

    With that aside, will learning/using Flexbox negate the task of having to master media queries? Will I be required to design “mobile,” “tablet” and “desktop” variants of my site? I have combed the internet looking, reading and getting either more confused, or more frustrated.



    Quite simply…No.

    Flexbox is a way of laying out designs only. It’s very adaptable but it’s not a one-shot solution to responsiveness.

    What it DOES so is allow your to adapt your layout using media queries in a much simpler way than before instead of hacking around changing floats and positioning.

    Sorry….but it’s still worth learning…pretty soon all sites will (or at least should) be built with flexbox.


    Thanx Paulie_D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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