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    Here I have some basic HTML:

    <div class="content">

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    </aside> <section>

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    </section> </div>

    and then the CSS is as follows:

    .content { display: -webkit-flex; }
    aside { flex: 1; }
    section { flex: 1; }

    Everything works out well with the two columns showing up next to each other with equal widths. This current example has 100 words in each paragraph. However, when I increase the second section to 200 words, it become twice as big as the first column, resulting in unequal column widths. Is there a flexbox property to make these columns stay equal widths and expand vertically to accommodate extra content? Thanks!


    A Codepen example would help but have you set widths on these columns?

    If you haven’t then they will flex as they are supposed to do. Try setting a width of 50% on them.


    Here is the Codepen:

    I have figured out the problem though. In my Codepen, if prefix-free is turned off under the CSS settings then you can see the problem I was having: the two columns become unequal widths, which from what I understood about flexbox should not have been the case. As it turns out, I was testing in Chrome on my local machine and -webkit-flex: 1 is still needed for webkit browsers, which I was unaware of. Thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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