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    Dear, CSS-pros,

    I am at a point, where I desperately seek for your help, tips advises etc, google has not guided me the way to the proper solution yet.

    This site uses the css flex properties, and I particularly like the menu on the right site:

    On Chrome, everything is working fine, but on Firefox there are moments, when the menu flickers, e.g. when mpvong with the cursor slowly from “Kompositionen” down to “Medien”.

    I wouldn’t know which excerpt of code I should post for those of you willing to have a look into it. I thought, it is maybe best to post the HTML site and ask you guys kindly to use the debugging tools? WOuld that be all right, or can you think of a way I could do better?

    I really really hope someone can help me, this bothers me since over a month already…

    A big thanks in advance!
    Best, Robert


    Really need a minimal Codepen demo…just enough to demonstrate the issue.

    Debugging a live site using Developer Tools is a pain…


    Pretty odd, adding overflow: hidden on the li items seems to prevent it. That’s not a solution though because of the headings. I’d also have a look at IE by the way, doesn’t look at all right there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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