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    I’m currently working on a website together with another designer.

    Unfortunately the client and designer have opted for a flash-based website. I’m responsible for writing a small back-end cms (html/css + php) and writing a request form for the visitors of the website.

    I already had a button ready that would load the form (just 1 page) in a lightbox.
    I had it figured out that it would open another page unless the user has javascript enabled so the javascript would force it to open in a lightbox. Giving a fall back for the few who have javascript disabled.

    However, now that we are going to be working with a flash site, and none of us can write the form well for flash (because it has to work with the back-end cms(php)) I was thinking of a flashbutton that would activate the lightbox (which in my reasoning could work) however I have no fall back for the visitors without javascript.

    So the questions are:
    Can you force a lightbox from within flash ? And how would you do it?
    + is there a fall back for people who have javascript disabled ?

    With kind regards,

    Graphic Gorilla

    Rob MacKay

    interestingly most people have flash un-installed or no enabled than JavaScript.

    Other than that I have no idea, as I have not done anything with flash for years lol :) sowee

    Mr KiTT3N

    if your making a 100% flash site why wouldnt you just have the lightbox functionality inside the flash element?

    As far as making calls from flash to javascript it can be done… you have to set up a trigger inside of flash and then in the embed code you put a param(i think) triggerLight="triggerLightBox()"

    Not 100% sure flash is something i stay away from

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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