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    I hope I’ll be able to describe problem as well.

    I’m creating the webpage ( There’s side (vertical) menu. The problem is:

    Menu is fixed, that seems, the menu is moving when the page is scrolling. That’s fine for me, but it looks bad when menu is like on 50% of overall height of the page because of the adverts.

    I want something like this:

    Menu is starting in the current position (like it’s now), but before it’ll start to moving with page, menu will “wait” until it’ll be absolutely on the top of the screen – then it will start moving.

    Like here (but there’s horizontal menu):

    Here you can scrool a bit in the “” logo image, but when you’ll go down more a bit, menu will “Stick” itself on the top. I want the same trick with mine vertical menu.

    Is it possible to do it in any way?

    I’m new here, don’t kill me if I wrote in bad section, sorry :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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