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  • # September 9, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    I need some help on a topic that started out as a CSS issue. I posted in the CSS forum first, see topic:

    Basically I am having a problem with the way safari handle table cells and adding a background to the table row, It applies the background to each cell (even though I specified background: none;)

    I figured since it was dependent on javascript I’d use Jquery to apply classes and shift the background of each cell to appear as one background image. (works great) until you click the bottom monthly navigation (previous or next month)

    It sends an Ajax call to change the month without refreshing the page, which does not allow my jquery code to run and target the table cells again :(

    Anyway to run the jquery code on the calendar’s Ajax refresh?
    I tried adding the same classes to the same elements upon clicking the link, but that happens before the refresh, and threfore afterwards I end up without the classes applied.

    EDIT: I just looked in all of the php files until I found the part that was builing the cells, and applied the classes directly there.

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