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    check out my company site

    the global nav is in the top right and when a section is clicked the page scrolls using serial scroll jquery plugin.

    Problem is, in chrome, when i click a section the nav does some wonky stuff and eventually disappears, then it comes back as you scroll over where parts of the nav should be.

    Its pretty strange because when i built the site it worked seamlessly in chrome and then all the sudden i got this problem without changing the code.



    a link to your site would be needed

    Chris Coyier

    he posted it above “check out my company site”

    Link HERE


    in your css file, replace

    html	 { overflow-x: hidden; }


    html	 { overflow-x: scroll; }

    that worked… why would something like that effect a fixed object though? I dont really see the relation. With that being said, I do want that x axis scrollbar to be hidden, is there a way to fix this problem and still keep that scrollbar hidden?


    i managed to use overflow-x: hidden without anymore problem in chrome using css clearfix but the horizontal scrollbar is still visible.

    now maybe, this problem is caused by some of your elements using width: 100% against your fixed-width elements. if your page width is smaller than what’s declared for your fixed width elements, it forces the browser to add horizontal scrollbar overriding your css.


    not familiar with css clearfix…. got a link?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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