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  • # June 6, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Hello guys,

    I’m being in a battle to stay cool with a redesign I’m doing from my website.

    The address where you could address the “bug” is this one (e.g.):

    If you go to the bottom of the page in Chrome it will be okay. You will see all the container and almost all the page (and scrollbar).

    In Firefox, however, it doesn’t look the same (not even close). It has the social sharing in the footer hidden, so is the scrollbar.

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve tried to do it with display:table in the parent, and display:table-row in the children, however, it don’t allow me to use paddings or margins, and I cannot use border-spacings around all the table. I think if you view the page now as it is (in Chrome) you will get what I want it to be.

    By the way, feel free to comment about the redesign :)

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