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Fitting images for Sliders

  • # March 15, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Heya there.

    So I’m always really nervous approaching the images for a jquery slider, because im not much of a photo editor or w/e.

    Im trying to figure out what size of images i might target looking for, that would be easiest to work with.
    I find that when i need to scale and crop images for a slider that i end cutting to much out of the photo nad it doesnt look that nice…

    for example, i think it would be obvious to seek pictures that are Wider than they are Tall… since sliders are just that. .

    I also notice, the way the photo was taken, such as close up, or far away.. matters.
    if its close up, theres not much of a wide angel to work with when the camera is focused on one item..

    are there any tips anyone can give for dealing with photos for a slider?

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