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    Does anyone have any ideas for a first website I could build after my GCSE’s?



    Are you serious?


    What seems to be the problem?


    Surely you don’t lack that much inspiration and ideas that you need to ask others to give you an initial starting point.

    Just make something up…anything.

    I drawn out a bulls eye shape using one of the tools on Photoshop and came up with a name called ‘Target Solutions’; done a bit of design in PS and came up with this –

    Its nothing amazing I know but it just shows how easy it is to make something random into something to work from.


    Nothing now that you edited your initial post. You shouldn’t ask other people to make things for you. Make an effort and we would be glad to help you from there.


    thanks @jurotek would you suggest against a simplistic blog?


    Your blog doesn’t have to be surrounded by content. Personally, I prefer simple websites


    @chrisburton Appologies, your first question made me revise the question. @Watson90 Just to double check, the website you made isn’t a real business, Just mearly a tool to practice your design work?


    Yeah it was just a totally random idea. I by no means have made it for a client nor is it a real business.

    One day I just felt creative so I just started designing then coded up the page.


    @Watson90 Thats a great idea! Thanks, I’ll get onto one similar, might try some sort of fake rock climbing business or something like that.


    Exactly. Motivate yourself to create something that you’re interested in.


    Yeah, that sounds like a good base point. Just go from that and ideas will just flow etc.

    Good luck.


    Flushing out ideas while also learning a CMS might be a bit overwhelming. I would stick with html and css, first. After you’ve created the templates is when I would start getting into learning a CMS.


    @Watson90 @chrisburton Thanks guys, I’ll keep you posted.
    @andy_unleash I was considering that, and its something I might try to work into the rock climbing idea, I’ve also been talking to a friend just then and may have come up with a quirky, random idea for a blog site, thanks all.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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