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    Hello from hawaii everyone!

    Here is my first site that I’m doing for my sis-in law. Its basically for children parties and what not. She got me doing photos and custom invitations. I have been playing around with photoshop for years and enjoy it a lot and finally decided to show off my work. I’m still working on the main navigation bar – trying to draw out some kind of logo or character, either way I am not satisfied with it yet. Any advice? I also want to create some kind of photo gallery/event gallery – would jquery be a good way of doing it? i have forms from wufoo running atm just to fill out the pages.
    anyways here is the site.




    very cool.

    I think you started to bring a lot of fun elements in the design but I would push it to the next level.
    I would go a tad darker with the background image and bring in more of the splatters in the background.
    kind of like what you have at the bottom but maybe bring some more to the top and go bigger.

    Maybe break out of the banner with the "Go Bonkers" text.

    The "Go Bonkers" text and the text on the nav-buttons are a little hard to read… maybe darken up the drop shadow.
    …maybe make the drop shadow on the buttons a little less soft and bring them closer to the text.

    These are all just my suggestions, over all this is a very cool site… especially if this is your first website!


    K took your advice and completely broke out the text and deleted the banner. added more splatter, looks like it could use more though – now i need a gallery page.

    anyone have any suggestions on the best method?


    now we are talking… love it. I would say you could use some more splatter… maybe have a little bit of splatter coming out of one of the corners a little bit.. just an idea..

    to me the text on the buttons are still a little bit hard to read… maybe you can keep the text white but go just a tad darker on the buttons themselves.

    you also have a little bit of room to add some air in between the to content columns..
    (of course these are all nits not a big deal, this is a very cool site!)

    to your question… it depends on the gallery and what you need it to do… there are a couple cool jQuery tutorials on this site. … nt-slider/

    also Lightbox is a good way to go..


    I would work a bit on the menu. Change the color of the "active tab", the tab linking to the page the visitor is on right now. Also, you could change the color of the tab when the visitor hovers over it with the mouse.

    A quick example (see attachment) using Hue/Saturation with Hue -5 and Saturation +40. It makes the design more interactive if you add this kind of effects.


    I personally would add splatter on the background of the selected page for the nav menu.


    I like the logo and the monkey! Overall it’ s a nice site, however…

    I wasn’t expecting the Services tab to take me to an "order form" of sorts. I was rather expecting this page to sell your various services to me. Highlight the packages you provide and show me the addon options.
    [*]What am I getting for a ‘basic party’ package?
    [*]Show me an example invitation
    [*]What are the contents of the goodie bag
    [*]A photo of your princess party would be nice
    Then get me to fill out an order form with an appropriate call to action such as "Book your party now!"

    Then when I click on the Reservations tab I get a seperate form to fill in. I find this (as a potential customer) confusing. Do I need to fill out 2 forms on 2 seperate pages to book a party? I think this process should be streamlined into a sort of ‘wizard’. Choose package -> Enter event info -> Finished

    Just my 2c…


    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I would like to add more interactivity and to streamline the process of booking a party. I have thought about doing all those things, I just don’t know how yet :(

    Most of the time I have something on psd and end up toning it down a lot because I wouldn’t know how to code it lol. This site has been very helpful and learning what I can on my spare time. I hope to have something soon :)


    First site? Good! Now it’s time for the next one:! :D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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