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    Hey there guys. Thought I would just take the time to introduce myself in as little words as possible. I am a designer from London, recently started to design websites and have also taken an interest in xhtml and css.

    I am currently designing a website for a not-for-profit company called Planet Innovations. The company aim to promote discussion on the subject of climate change as well as enabling scientists, engineers and designers to have their ideas/inventions judged by an online community of experts, lecturers and anyone else who gives a tuppence about the future of the planet.

    It’s currently at a fairly early stage but I’d love to get some initial feedback the whole thing. … 340c_b.jpg

    # August 30, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Hey there.Being an in-house designer at an engineering association I understand about designing for the engineer types. Lots of copy, lots of information. Technical information. I know it’s not appropriate to use alot of images or fancy-schmancy design tricks.

    I think the layout is good for it’s purpose and easy for them to find the info they are interested in quickly. My only critque is the colors (or lack of) make it very bland. Maybe something else than a pale blue, or maybe use something like a colored box background to enclose the headlines. Maybe something with a small bit of gradient in it, nothing to extreme or flashy. Possibly have a light background behind some of the copy, using that as a way to differentiate types or catagories of information.

    Just my 2 cents.

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